Walthamstow Hall Policies are divided into two groups, those directly relating to Safeguarding Children and Other policies. All policies have regard to the current guidance issued by the Secretary of State and are reviewed regularly. Individual policies can be read by clicking on the policies listed below.

Policies Related to Safeguarding Children

Able, Gifted and Talented Policy June 2018
Admissions and Attendance Policy June 2018
Anti-Bullying Policy (including cyber-bullying) June 2018
Behaviour and Sanctions Policy June 2018
Catering Policy June 2018
Code of Conduct for Staff June 2018
Curriculum Policy June 2018
Discipline and Exclusion Policy June 2018
Drugs and Drug Testing policy June 2018
Equality Policy June 2018
E-Safety Policy for Staff and Students June 2018
Food Hygiene Policy May 2019
Health Questionnaire for Pupils May 2019 – Junior School
Health Questionnaire for Pupils May 2019 – Senior School
Induction of New Staff Volunteers in Child Protection June 2018
Medical Questionnaire Policy for Staff Pupils May 2019
Missing pupil policy Senior School June 2018
Pastoral Care Policy including PSHEE Sept 2018
Pupils on Confidentiality Issues June 2018
Records Retention and Storage Policy June 2018
Recruitment of Proprietors Governors Trustees and Volunteers Policy June 2018
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Jan 2019
School Visits Policy June 2018
SMSC Policy June 2018
Sex and Relationship Education Policy June 2018
Staff Recruitment – Recruitment of Ex Offenders Policy June 2018
Staff Recruitment Policy and Procedures June 2018
Sun Protection Policy for Early Years May 2019
Supervision of Senior School Pupils June 2018
Taking Using & Storing Images of Children June 2018
Whistleblowing Policy June 2018
WHJS Educational Visits for EYFS Children June 2018
WHJS Educational Visits for Yrs 1 – 6 June 2018
WHJS Missing Child Policy inc EYFS June 2018
WHJS Supervision of pupils incl EYFS June 2018

Non Safeguarding Policies

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy May 2019
Assessment Policy June 2018
Bursary and Scholarship Policy Jun 2018
Capability Procedure June 2018
Careers Policy June 2018
Collective Worship Policy (Prayers) June 2018
Complaints and Concerns Procedure June 2018
Data-Protection-Policy & Privacy Notices – June 18
Data Protection Policy for Employees June 2018
Disability and Accessibility Policy May 2019
Examinations – Absent and Late Students June 2018
Examinations – Acceptable Use of a Word Processor in a Public Examination June 2018
Examinations – Access Arrangements Policy 2018 new
Examinations – Appeals Procedure June 2018
Examinations – Disability in Public Examinations June 2018
Examinations – Emergency Procedures for Public Examinations June 2018
Examinations – Exam Contingency Plan June 2018
Examinations – Non-Examination Assessment Policy June 2018(Replaces Controlled Assessment Policy)
Examinations – Security of Exam Papers June 2018
Fee Payment Policy June 2018
Finance Policy June 2018
First Aid for Parents Policy May 2019
First Aid Policy Staff Guidance May 2019
Governor Induction and Training Policy June 2018
Guidelines on Teaching Political Issues June 2018
Health and Safety Policy May 2019
Health and Safety Statement May 2019
Information for parents of EYFS and Early Years Children June 2018
Learning and Teaching Policy June 2018
Medical Questionnaire Policy for Staff Pupils June 2018
Pupil Sanctions Record June 2018
School Statement on Smoking May 2019
SEND Policy June 2018
Stress Management Policy May 2019