Nursery, Pre-School and Reception are all natural entry points at Walthamstow Hall. New pupils can join Nursery and Pre-School at any point during the September – August academic year. It is traditional for pupils to join Reception in September but if places are available, entry at another point during the year can be considered, for example for families moving into the local area.

From July 2023, Walthamstow Hall’s Nursery will admit girls and boys from when they turn age 2. Pupils progress to Pre-School in the September before their 4th birthday and girls only into Reception Class in the September before their 5th birthday.

Visiting Walthamstow Hall

The first part of the admissions process is for prospective families to visit our School and get a sense of whether it is potentially a good fit for their child. Parents are invited to book a tour of the School by contacting our Deputy Head Mrs Conway at

The Early Years Admissions Process

The admissions process is a friendly one designed to ensure that Walthamstow Hall is the right destination for a child.

After a tour of the School prospective families are invited to register their child (see the link to the Registration form below). Registration for an Early Years place is secured with the payment of a £100 Registration fee.

Once registered, prospective parents are invited to meet with Walthamstow Hall’s Head of Early Years, Mrs Suzanne Hartley. In this meeting Mrs Hartley can gain an insight into the child ahead of their taster session within our Early Years setting. For Pre-School or Reception age pupils a taster session may be a whole morning. For younger children, especially if they haven’t left their parents before, a number of shorter sessions might be more appropriate.

Offers are confirmed following the taster session/s and parent meeting

Nursery and Pre-School Session Fees (from 7 July 2023)

We recommend a minimum of four four hour term-time sessions a week for our Nursery and Pre-School pupils.  This initial number of sessions gives children a sense of continuity and care making them comfortable, confident and able to engage with the wide variety of activities across our expansive and balanced curriculum.

Walthamstow Hall offers morning only, afternoon only, school day hours or extended day sessions from Monday to Friday. These sessions are available for 50 weeks per year. Parents can choose the sessions and number of weeks which best suit their family.

All Nursery and Pre-School sessions include lunch and snacks which are included in the session fees. Children attending the extended day also receive breakfast and tea, which are included in the extended day fee.

Walthamstow Hall’s sibling discount applies to Nursery and Pre-School fees but not ‘extras’ such as wraparound care. Session fees, including those for extended days, are discounted for second daughters (5%) and third and subsequent daughters (10%).

SessionSession TimesPer Session Fee
Breakfast07.15 - 08.30£11.00
Morning08:30 - 12:30£38.40
Afternoon12:00 - 16:00£38.40
School Day08:30 - 16:00£72.00
Extended Day07.15 - 18.15£105.60
Late Stay (includes tea)16.00 - 18.15£20.00

Government Tax Free Savings Account Scheme

Walthamstow Hall accepts payments through the Government’s Tax Free Savings Account scheme (Childcare Choices).

Universal 15 Hours Care

Walthamstow Hall will offer the Universal 15 hours of care for 3 and 4 year olds in Nursery/Pre-School from 1 September 2023.  The Universal hours can be taken over either 38 weeks or extended over 50 weeks according to each family’s wishes.

The School is a registered provider for Free Early Education (FEE) for 3 and 4 year olds. All children (from the term following their 3rd birthday) are eligible for the Universal Entitlement of FEE which equates to 570 hours per funded year. Here at Walthamstow Hall, we offer two delivery patterns:

· Up to 15 hours per week for 38 weeks (term time only)

· Up to 12 hours per week for 48 weeks, known as ‘stretched’, which is applicable to children attending on a 50-week (all year-round) basis*

The totally free session offered is 1300 – 1600 Monday to Friday during term time and is subject to availability. FEE only applies for Nursery and Pre-School and is not offered in Reception.

Full fees will apply to any sessions/days that exceed the weekly FEE entitlement and for sessions/days outside of the FEE term dates e.g., for the remaining two weeks of all year-round attendance.

Free Early Education (FEE) - 12 Hours Funded Sessions (Universal Stretched)*

SessionsSession TimesFunded Hours Per Session Fee
Breakfast07.15 - 08.30
Morning08.30 - 12.302£19.20
Afternoon12.00 - 16.002£19.20
Day08.30 - 16.004£33.60
Extended Day07.15 - 18.154£67.20
Late Study16.00 - 18.150£20.00

Free Early Education (FEE) - 15 Hours Funded Sessions (Universal -38 Weeks)*

SessionsSession TimesFunded Hours Per Session Fee
Breakfast07.15 - 08.30
Morning08.30 - 12.303£9.60
Afternoon12.00 - 16.003£9.60
Day08.30 - 16.006£14.40
Extended Day07.15 - 18.156£48.00
Late Study16.00 - 18.150£20.00

*Please note the stretched pattern means that, if a child is accessing their full 12 hours entitlement per week, then they will exceed their annual entitlement e.g., 12 hours per week x 48 weeks = 576 hours per funded year. Therefore, FEE will be capped in the last term of each child’s funded year and parents will be charged the additional 6 hours.

Invoices will be issued monthly and in advance. Payment will be due on the 1st of the month, late payments will incur interest at 4% above base rate with a minimum of a month’s interest charged. The School will chase payments on the 3rd and 7th working days of the month and if not cleared by the 10th working day of the month, your place will be suspended. These procedures are aimed at reducing debt for both parents and Walthamstow Hall.

A 10% discount will be applied to Day and Extended Day sessions when paid in full (ie when FEE is already expended).

Reception Fees

For Reception term-time fees, wraparound care and holiday club charges click here Junior School Fees





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