The diverse pathways followed by pupils are facilitated by a very broad curriculum and co-curriculum

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, 2019

Our curriculum reflects our belief in the importance of the individual: it is designed to offer unusual breadth, choice and flexibility.  Lessons are delivered by highly qualified, enthusiastic specialists with a love for their subjects and a real commitment to their pupils and the process of teaching and learning.  From the beginning, teaching takes place in optimum-sized groups in attractive, purpose-built, modern classrooms grouped in dedicated department areas.  Lessons are well-equipped with ICT and other resources.

Pupils start in Year 7 with a broad base of subjects including Latin, French and Three Dimensional Design.  Science is delivered separately as Biology, Chemistry and Physics from the first year.  In Year 8, pupils opt to study a second Modern Foreign Language (either German or Spanish) and they also choose to study one from Three Dimensional Design or Food Preparation & Nutrition, and one from Classical Civilisation or Latin.  Year 8 students also study Textiles within their Fine Art lessons.  In Year 9 students are able to choose whether to continue with one or two foreign languages.  Depending on their choice, pupils may also opt to study one or three from Classical Civilisation, Food Preparation & Nutrition, Latin, Sports Leadership, Textiles or Three Dimensional Design.  Study and Research Skills and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE), feature as discrete subjects from Year 7.

In the middle of Year 9, I/GCSE options are chosen, with most pupils continuing with ten subjects to I/GCSE.  ‘Twilight’ and ‘fast-track’ courses offered to I/GCSE are one example of how our curriculum is shaped to achieve maximum choice, tailored to the individual.

Whatever her ability, each pupil receives personal guidance in choosing the best possible programme to suit her particular profile and career aims.  At both I/GCSE and A Level, Walthamstow Hall pupils are able to choose option combinations freely rather than from pre-determined blocks.  There is plenty of advice in selecting subjects for Sixth Form study from the 26 subjects on offer, including the opportunity to study the EPQ.  Pupils may either specialise in one area of study or mix Arts and Sciences. Pupils welcome the freedom and choice this gives.  At every stage the aim is to prepare pupils for the next stage and ensure that they obtain the qualifications they need as a passport to the Higher Education and careers options of their choice.

Whilst being neither ‘super selective’ or an academic ‘hot house’ Walthamstow Hall’s magic formula of optimum class size, fantastic facilities and outstanding, specialist teaching staff delivers high levels of added value for every pupil.  Walthamstow Hall consistently ranks highly amongst independent schools for ‘added value’ scores and is equally well placed within national league tables measuring I/GCSE,  A Level and university destination successes.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

At Walthamstow Hall learning is not confined to the classroom and the many clubs and activities offered are designed to engage a wide range of interests.  Opportunity for all is a reality here.  Pupils are encouraged to leave any preconceptions they have of themselves at the door and everyone is encouraged to ‘have a go’.  The extended lunch break is designed specifically to allow time for practices, rehearsals and clubs throughout the week, in addition to those activities offered before school and after normal lesson times.

Supervised Late Study and tea from 4.15pm until 6.00pm is a popular option.  Tea is also available for those staying after 4.15pm for matches and other activities.

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, 2019

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