We’ve had the pleasure of recently joining the ‘Wally family’, as we now know it, and couldn’t be more impressed by the welcoming nature and friendly atmosphere. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful to settle our girls in and the whole experience, which could have been very daunting, turned into a very positive and natural one, in turn setting them up for their future school careers.

New Walthamstow Hall Parent


Girls and boys are now able to join the Walthamstow Hall Nursery as soon as they turn two.

Class sizes are small, with a ratio of one adult per four children, allowing our highly qualified staff to nurture every child.  Learning is through play, exploration and discovery in our stimulating indoor and outdoor learning spaces.


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the statutory curriculum guidance for all children from birth to age five.  In Walthamstow Hall’s Nursery, this is delivered through our imaginative Creative Curriculum. Activities are multi-sensory and fun and reflect each child’s stage of development.  Walthamstow Hall Nursery offers a huge range of opportunities led by specialist teachers to enhance learning and introduce children to various subjects through play and exploration.  These include French, Music, PE, Forest School, Ballet, Cycling, Library and Tae Kwon Do.  Children use our interactive whiteboards to enhance all areas of learning.

Partnership with Parents

At Walthamstow Hall, we understand that partnership with parents is essential for every child to reach their potential.  Our Nursery team takes the time to build strong face-to-face relationships with parents and carers.

We offer ‘open classroom’ every half term so that children can share their learning and play alongside the special adults in their lives.

We use Famly, the digital platform for staff and parents to collaborate and exchange information, so that ‘wow’ moments can be shared instantly and feedback can be quickly given and acted upon.  We recognise that it is vital that parents and school work together as they share their child’s developmental journey.

Parents, carers and the wider school family are invited to the many productions, celebrations and assemblies held throughout the year.

Co-Curricular Activities

Regular workshops such as author visits, dance experiences, theatre shows and hands-on Science events happen throughout the year to inspire, promote curiosity and stimulate the joy of learning.


Children in Early Years have healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon.

Our nutritionally balanced snacks and menus are prepared on-site and our Early Years children eat in our dedicated dining room.  The warm and friendly kitchen staff know all children by name and serve them individually and during mealtimes.  Children learn good table manners and how to make good food choices for a healthy body and mind.  A cooked breakfast and tea is available for those staying at school for a longer day.

Wraparound Care

We understand that family life is busy and that many of our parents work or have other commitments so we offer reliable and flexible nursery provision all year round with hours between 7:15 and 18:15.

Walthamstow Hall’s Nursery provision is flexible.  Parents choose the sessions their children attend from a minimum of four per week and select the length of day and number of weeks that best suits their family, be that term-time only, 50 weeks or somewhere in between.

Nursery & Pre-School Session Times

Breakfast 07:15 – 08:30
Morning 08:30 – 12:30
Afternoon 12:00 – 16:00
School Day 08:30 – 16:00
Extended Day 07:15 – 18:15
Late Stay 16:00 – 18:15



We want children to be comfortable and able to move freely, our uniform supports our approach to learning through active play.  The Nursery and Pre-School uniform is:
Walthamstow Hall red polo shirt, Walthamstow Hall red hoodie, black leggings or jogging bottoms in winter, black cycling shorts in summer, trainers, white socks, wellington boots.  The Walthamstow Hall red polo shirt and hoodie are available from Horncastles in Sevenoaks which has a 5% discount on uniform bought or ordered in July.

Welcoming Boys into Walthamstow Hall’s Nursery & Pre-School

Walthamstow Hall now accepts boys into its Nursery and Pre-School. 

This change has been introduced to help make life easier for busy parents.  Their young sons and daughters can now be cared for at the same place with one morning drop off and afternoon pick up, especially convenient for parents commuting from Sevenoaks station. 

There are no plans to admit boys further up the School, so Nursery and Pre-School boys will move on from Walthamstow Hall to begin in Reception class elsewhere. 

Our Forest School, outdoor play focus (whatever the weather!) and existing sports offering which includes football and cricket makes our learning environment an exciting one where all Nursery and Pre-School children can thrive.  

Walthamstow Hall Junior School remains a girls’ school and with this in mind, priority will be given to the boy siblings of our existing Early Years and Junior School pupils.  

Moving on to Pre-School

Children in Nursery progress into Walthamstow Hall Pre-School in the September before their fourth birthday.  They are well-prepared for the start of full-time education.  Girls in our Nursery and Pre-School have a guaranteed place in Walthamstow Hall’s Reception class.


Where Next?