Thriving girls’ day school in leafy Sevenoaks, which produces quietly confident individuals with an adventurous spirit and strong academic results.

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At Walthamstow Hall we are celebrating 185 years of educating young people. Through the many trends and philosophies in education since 1838, we have focused on learning through inspirational teaching that recognises each pupil’s individual nature.

Our teachers are enthusiastic experts who nurture intellectual curiosity, aim their expectations high and foster a deep love of learning. Our pupils have the freedom to explore who they might become and to avoid placing invisible restrictions on what they might find enjoyably fulfilling.  We encourage pupils not to fear taking the risk of a little failure but, instead, to value persevering to learn from mistakes.  After all, that is how the greatest in every field got there.

Value added at Walthamstow Hall means more than grades.  It is the invisible strands of learning leadership, collaboration and resilience; it is the warmth and joy to be found within the school’s community and it is the sense of every pupil being seen as the person of intrinsic value that each one is.  Value added here is value added in its truest sense.

When it comes to selecting the right school, I encourage you to seek the soul of the school and to ask whether your child’s confidence in their own strengths will grow happily within that community.

We look forward to welcoming you to Walthamstow Hall,

Ms Louise Chamberlain, BSc Hons, PGCE

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