The first point of entry to Walthamstow Hall Junior School is at the Nursery or Reception stage but it is not uncommon for pupils to join the School in other year groups, right up to Year 5.

Year Group and Class Sizes

At Walthamstow Hall the traditional Nursery and Reception classes are combined into one Early Years department.  Here, all of the School’s youngest pupils engage with a creative curriculum, which brings the first stages of numeracy and literacy to life through the introduction of different topics each half term.

Nursery aged pupils attend school on a sessional basis.  Morning and afternoon sessions run each day.  The very youngest pupils, those approaching their third birthdays, attend two morning sessions per week.  The number of sessions can be increased following a pupil’s third birthday.  We believe that parents know best how much time in school will suit their child and so they are able to choose the number and days of week of their child’s sessions.

From Year 1, right up to Year 6, we have the capacity to offer two parallel classes within in each year group.  Class sizes are between 10 – 20 maximum.  This enables us to provide optimum-sized classes for learning alongside a wider social circle in the year group as a whole.



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