Sixth Form students do not wear school uniform but should be smartly dressed at all times.

Year 12 and 13 are pivotal role models for younger pupils and act as ambassadors showing visitors around the School.  The right outfit also helps to create a positive mindset and sets the tone for the day.

Sixth Formers should follow the simple and smart dress code outlined below:

  • Trousers/Skirts or Dresses.  Miniskirts are not allowed
  • Tops can include a shirt, blouse, fitted jumper (that fits under a tailored jacket), fitted tee shirt and nothing low cut
  • Sensible shoes and no trainers
  • Modest jewellery can be worn
  • A tailored jacket must be worn to Assemblies.

Denim, trainers, track suits and casual wear should not be worn.

Sports Wear

Sports wear should not be worn around School unless sport is being played.

Sixth Formers who will be representing Walthamstow Hall in Sports fixtures should wear the correct items of relevant sports kit.

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