A Voyage of Enrichment and Discovery

At Walthamstow Hall we have a positive and vibrant community where pupils are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities open to them. In keeping with the School’s emblem of a ‘ship’, the co-curricular programme may best be viewed as a ‘voyage’ of enrichment and discovery. Pupils learn to navigate their passage throughout their School journey, by being prepared to take risks and try out new things. We have a strong sense of ‘having a go’ and pupils are encouraged to park any preconceptions they may have (“I can’t sing”, ‘I’m not sporty”) at the door and to throw themselves into lots of activities. Co-curricular activities are accessible and the vast majority are open to all comers.

Whilst ensuring academic excellence and intellectual challenge, equal emphasis is given to supporting the development of the whole person. This is underpinned by the School’s core values of building resilience, ambition and humour, alongside maintaining its strong ethos of empathy and service to others, within and beyond the School community. The result is that Walthamstow Hall pupils are multi-faceted, interesting and curious individuals who are fantastic at balancing priorities.

There are over 50 co-curricular clubs and activities available, some of which take place in the morning, and most during the extended daily lunch break or after school. Each September a timetable of clubs is issued for all year groups. Pupils are encouraged to sign up for a minimum of three. These clubs are subject to demand and whilst many run throughout the School year, others are offered for specific terms only.

Co-Curricular Timetable


Pupils achieve great success in a very broad range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2019


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