At Walthamstow Hall we actively encourage students to get involved in lots of extra-curricular activities. We firmly believe in ‘having a go’. Students are encouraged to park any preconceptions they may have, ‘I can’t sing’, ‘I’m not sporty’, ‘I won’t enjoy that’, at the door and to throw themselves into lots of activities. Co-curricular activities are accessible and, the vast majority, open to all. This approach results breeds curiosity, creativity and courage and produces students who are multi-faceted, interesting, fulfilled and fantastic at juggling!

The Walthamstow Hall day is especially designed to enable a high level of participation in extra-curricular activities with an extended lunch hour creating time for students to enjoy a proper, sit down lunch and still have time for their clubs, sports practices and music and drama rehearsals. Students taking part in co-curricular after School are offered tea  before they go on to their activity.

Each September, a new timetable of co-curricular activities is issued to all year groups, including the Sixth Form and a ‘Co-Curricular Fair’ is held where students can find out more about the activities which they are interested in. After this Year 7 and 8 students complete a co-curricular timetable showing which clubs they have signed up for, they are encouraged to commit to at least three.

Co-Curricular Activities Senior School 

Pupils achieve great success in a very broad range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2019