Sixth Form Staff

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Miss S Ferro, MA (Oxon), MA (Lond), PGCE (Surrey)

P Howson Esq., BA Hons (Plymouth), QTS (Kent), AST (London) (English)

C Hughes Esq, BSc Hons, Cert Ed (Loughborough), NPQH (Mathematics)

S Ledsham Esq, MA (Oxford), PGCE (Sussex) (Physics)

Mrs D Wood, BSc Hons, PGCE (Durham)

SENIOR TEACHER (Head of Sixth Form and Careers)
Ms E Ancrum, MA (Oxford), MPhil (Hong Kong), PGCE (London) (Economics/Business Studies)




* Head of Department/Teacher In Charge of Subject
Ms J Bisset, BSc Hons (Heriot-Watt), PGTC (Edinburgh) (Chemistry)
Mrs F Boorman
, BA Hons, PGCE (Kent) (Business Studies)
*Mrs V Bower-Morris, BA Hons (Surrey), PGCE (Goldsmiths) (Drama/Trinity Drama)
Miss C Bridge, BSc Hons (Worcester), QTS (Bucks) (PE) (Head of Lacrosse)
Mrs E Brown, BA Hons (Leeds), PGCE (Brighton) (Art and Textiles)
*N Buckingham Esq, BA Hons, MA (Reading), PGCE (London) (Classics, Examinations Officer)
*Miss K Burtenshaw, BEd (Westminster College Oxford), Cert Ed (Geography)
*N Castell Esq, BMus Hons, PGCE (Manchester) (Director of Music, Assistant Head of Lower School)
J Clements Esq, MusB Hons (Manchester) (Music)
*Mrs J Cox, MA (Cambridge), PGCE (Open), ATCL (Biology)
T Dakin Esq, BSc Hons (Bristol), PGCE (Sussex) (Mathematics, Able, Gifted and Talented Coordinator)
*Mrs Dalton, BSc Hons (Keele), PGCE (Canterbury), Dip SpLD (Dyslexia) (Learning Support)
Dr R Davies, BSc Hons, PhD (Imperial College), PGCE (King's College) (Mathematics/Physics)
*Mrs P Durrant, BSc Hons (Southampton) (Mathematics, Head of Middle School)
*Mrs C Evans, BA Hons (Greenwich), QTS, (Design & Technology)
Mrs S Fitzmaurice, BSc Hons (Manchester), PGCE (Manchester) (Biology, Food Technology)
Miss M Fournier, Licence, Masters (Lille) (Modern Foreign Languages)
Mrs E Garcia, BA Hons (Seville), PGCE (Sheffield) (Modern Foreign Languages)
Mrs K Hofmann, MA (St Andrews), QTS (Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs H Hook, BA Hons (Aberystwyth), PGCE (Cambridge) (English
*Mrs K Howlett, BEd Hons (Sussex) (PE, Head of Lower School, i/c Swimming)
*Mrs C Hughes, BA Hons (West Surrey College of Art and Design), BSc Hons (Middlesex), PGCE (London) (Art and Textiles)
*Mrs R Hunt, BA Hons (Exeter), PGCE (King's College), (Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S Isted, BA Hons (Warwick), PGCE (King’s College) (Classics)
*Mrs R Jennings, BSc Hons (Southampton), PGCE (Open), ACA (Mathematics)
*Mrs V Jones, BA Hons, PGCE, (Leeds) (Theology & Philosophy)
Miss C Kevis, BA Hons (Durham), PGCE (King's College) (Philosophy and Theology, History, Drama, Assistant Head of Lower School)
Ms M Knight, BA Hons (London), PGCE (Canterbury) (English)
*Dr P Le Bas, MA (Cambridge), DPhil (Oxford), STB/STL (Rome), PGCE (St Mary’s College) (Physics)
*Miss R Leggett, BA Hons with QTS, (Brighton) (Director of Sport)
Miss C Lesieur, BA Hons, MA Hons (Amiens, Fr), PGCE (UWE) (Modern Foreign Languages)
*Miss S Mehaffey, MA, PGCE (Edinburgh) (English, Assistant Head of Sixth Form)
A Miller Esq, BA Hons (Rose Bruford College), BSc Hons (Deakin University) (Drama, Trinity Drama)
Mrs L Mortimore, BSc Hons (Imperial), PGCE (King's) (Science)
Mrs C Mulcahy, BA Hons (Surrey), PGCE (London) (Design & Technology, Art)
Ms A Murphy, MA (Oxford), PGCE (East Anglia) (History/Politics, Oxbridge Coordinator)
Mrs E Peters, BSc Hons, PGCE (Southampton) (Mathematics)
Mrs A Phillips, BA Hons (Bristol), (Drama, Charities Coordinator)
Mrs C Platt, BA Hons (London), QTS (French/Spanish)
*Mrs L Rowell, BA Hons (Surrey),  PGCE (King’s College) (Computer Science and ICT)
Mrs A Sherwen, BSc Hons (London), PGCE (Leeds) (Biology)
Mrs C Solan
, BA Hons (London), PGCE (Canterbury)  (Art and Textiles
Mrs B Tanner, BA Hons (Wales), PGCE (Southampton) (Spanish, French)
Mrs C Taylor, BA Hons (Liverpool), PGCE (King's College) (Classics)
Mrs L Thomas, MA (Open), BA Hons (Wales), PGCE (Bristol) (History, EPQ Coordinator, Assistant Head of Middle School)
Ms A Vaz, (BEd (London) (Mathematics)
Mrs L von Kaufmann
, MA, BA Hons (Oxford), PGCE (Bristol) (Geography, Computing, Assistant Head of Careers, Assistant Head of Middle School)
Mrs S Walker, BSc Hons (London), QTS (Greenwich) (Chemistry)
Mrs S Whawell, BSc Birmingham) MSc (Reading), PGCE (Bristol) (Mathematics, Computing, Assistant to Director of Studies)
Mrs R White, BA Hons, PGCE (Bristol), MA Hons (New York), PGCE (Canterbury) (English) 
Dr S Willcox
, MA (Cambridge), DPhil (Oxford), SCITT/QTS (Bromley) (Science)
*S Wilson Esq, BA Hons (Sunderland), PGCE (London) (i/c Sociology)
*Ms O Windle,  MA, BA Hons (Edgewood College USA)  (History, Politics)
*Mrs M Wood, BSc Hons (Aberdeen), PGCE (London) (Chemistry, Head of Science)
Mrs Z Wood, MA Hons (St Andrews), PGCE (London) (Theology and Philosophy)
Mrs N Yates BA Hons (Kent), QTS (Fine Art & Photography)




M Andrews Esq, MM (Connecticut), BMus Hons (Westminster) (Piano)
Mrs C Baker, MBACP (Senior School Counsellor)
Mrs C Barnes, MA (East London), BSc Hons (Anglia), PGCE (Greenwich), DipSpLD (Literacy Support Teacher)
Miss C Brand
, MMus (London), GTCL, ARCM, LRAM (Piano)
B Brooker Esq, (Percussion)
Miss S Burkett, (Judo)
Mrs G Cameron, Foundation Degree (Netball Coach)
Miss A Carroll, (Gymnastics Coach
Mrs H Clements, BA Hons (Liverpool JMU), AdvDip (Royal Academy Opera), MA, LRAM (Royal Academy of Music) PGA, PGDip (Trinity College of Music), QTS (London) (Singing)
Miss J Collis, (Dance)
R Connell Esq
, BA Hons (Canterbury), PGCE, ATCL (Guitar)
Mrs A Da Costa, BSc Hons, PGCE (UCL), Cert Maths (Open), MA (King's College) (Maths Learning Support)
Mrs J Dammers, LRAM (Violoncello, Music Administrator)
Dr R Davies, BSc Hons, PhD (Imperial College), PGCE (King's College) (Numeracy/Maths Learning Support)
Miss N Dobie, BA Hons, 1st class (City University), LTCL, NCDT, Dip in Opera Performance (London) (Singing)
Mrs C Effingham, MA Hons (Edinburgh), PGCE (King's College), PGDip, Dys & Lit (York) (Literacy Support)
M Fernandez Esq, MA (Royal College of Music), BMus Hons (RSC & Catalonia) (Piano)
Mrs R Gardner, BSc Hons (Manchester), R Pharms SGB (Bath), PGCE (Oxford) (Numeracy Support
Mrs A Goff, BSc (Leicester), QTS (Numeracy Learning Support)
Ms S Graham, LRAM, GRSM Hons, Dip (Royal Academy of Music) (Singing)
Mrs H Greenfield, BMus Hons (Birmingham Conservatoire), LRAM, DPP (Royal Academy of Music), Dip CESMD (Clarinet, Saxaphone)
Mrs G Hayward, Diploma in Music, LTCL, ALCM, (Newcastle), PG Diploma in Orchestral Studies (London) (Singing, Piano)
P Hill Esq, (Squash Coach)
Mrs F Hillyar, BMus Hons (Royal College of Music), PGCE (Reading) (Piano)
Miss L Jeffrey, BMus Hons (Trinity College of Music), PG Dip (Royal Academy of Music) (Flute)
Miss S Kisilevsky, BA Hons (Royal Holloway), MA (RCS) (Trinity Drama)
Ms E Leather
, BA Hons (Leeds), PGDipMus (Guildhall School of Music), Artist Diploma (Cincinnati) (Music Coach)
Mrs J Muggeridge, Badminton England Qualified Coach, Double Olympian and Double Gold Medallist Commonwealth Games (Badminton)
Miss A Murray, ATCL, LTCL (Trinity College of Music) (Recorder)
Ms S Oakley, BA Hons (Surrey) (Trinity Speech and Drama)
Mrs S Purton, LRAM (Royal Academy of Music) (Oboe)
Mrs J Rhind, GRSM Hons, LTCL, LRAM, (Saxophone, Clarinet)
Miss H Ross, BMus Hons, PGDip (RNCM) (Violin)
D Smith Esq, BA (Iowa, USA) (Cross Country Coach)
R Smith Esq., ASA Level 2 Coaching/Swimming, NPLQ (Swimming Coach)
Mrs A Steynor, BA Hons (Durham), PGCDM (Open), ABRSM Dip (Piano)
D Wallace Esq, BMus Hons (Cork), MMus, LRSM (Violin/Viola)
Miss E Wiggins, BMus Hons, LRAM (Brass)
T Williams Esq, BA Fine Art (First Class) (Oxford), Art & Design Foundation (Songwriting)




Miss K Alcock, BA Hons (Durham) (Lacrosse Coach)
G Burgess Esq, BA Hons (Kings's) (ICT Technician)
J Christian Esq
, BSc Hons (Lincoln) (Lacrosse Coach)
Mrs L Clarke, Dip Natural Sciences, BSc Hons (Biology Technician)
Mrs A Ford, (Art Technician)
Mrs R Gardner, BSc Hons (Manchester), RPharmSGB (Bath), PGCE (Oxford) (Senior Science Laboratory Technician)
Mlle L Gollunski (French Assistant)
A Hayter Esq, (ICT Technician)
C Hayward Esq
, TEC, BTEC, MI Biol, PGCE (Science Laboratory & DT/3DD Technician, D of E Coordinator)
Mrs S Koster (German Assistant)
J Mitchell Esq, BA Hons (Surrey) (Drama/Performing Arts Technician)
Mrs J Osborne, BSc Oxford Brookes (Science Laboratory Technician)
Sta M Senero Sauras (Spanish Assistant) 
E Thompson Esq, (ICT Technician




Mrs E Leisinger, Diploma in Nursing (Brighton University)
Mrs L J Mottram
, Undergraduate Diploma in Nursing Studies (The City University)




Mrs B Adiamoh, BSc (London Metropolitan) (Payroll Administrator)
Mrs J Alcock,
BSc (Greenwich) (Facilities Manager)
Ms R Boardman
Management Diploma (Canada) (Assistant Librarian, Archives)
Mrs R Boughton,
BSc Hons (Manchester) (School Secretary)
Mrs J Butler,
BA Hons (Sheffield) (Marketing and Admissions Assistant)
Mrs C Buxton,
BSc Hons (King's College) (Receptionist)
P Cole Esq,
(Network and Data Manager)
Mrs O Cornes, BA Hons (Bristol) (Marketing Assistant)
Mrs C Eames,
(Domestic Bursar)
A Horner Esq,
MBA, CMgr, FCMI (Bursar, Clerk to Governors)
Mrs A Knight,
(Admissions Registrar)
Miss K Lippiatt,
(PA to the Headmistress
Mrs H Manning,
Mrs A Parkin,
(Purchase Ledger Manager)
Ms S Pelling,
BA Hons (Keele) (Head of Marketing)
Miss O Rayner,
(Finance Assistant)
Mrs S Seeds,
(Staff Secretary) 
Mrs L White
MA MCLIP (Brighton) (Lead Librarian/i/c School Archive)