Walthamstow Hall is within easy walking distance of Sevenoaks train station. Together with a mini bus to and from Sevenoaks station the school also runs four mini bus routes from; Tonbridge, Kings Hill & West Malling, Oxted & Westerham and Horton Kirby. The mini buses are well-used and are all equipped with seat belts and provided with mobile phones in case of problems.

As so many students are involved in after school activities all buses leave at 5.30pm Monday – Thursday. The Sevenoaks station bus also leaves School at 4.15pm and 5.30pm Monday – Thursday. All buses leave at 4.15pm on Fridays. Tea is provided Monday – Thursday at no extra charge and students go to supervised study or attend other after school activities.

The current routes and timings, as of May 2018, are as follows and may be subject to slight change depending on demand.

Tonbridge Mini Bus Route (May 2018)

TONBRIDGE ROUTEMonday - Friday CollectionMonday - Thursday ReturnFriday Return
Quarry Rise, Tonbridge7:3018:0916:54
Bidborough Village Hall7:3818:0516:50
Penshurst Village Hall7:4318:0016:45
Cricket Pavillion, Leigh7:4917:5316:38
Flying Dutchman, Hildenborough7:5417:4816:33
Mill Lane, Hildenborough7:5717:4516:30
Walthamstow Hall8:1517:3016:15

Horton Kirby Mini Bus Route (May 2018)

HORTON KIRBYMonday - Friday CollectionMonday - Thursday ReturnFriday Return
Horton Kirby7:3018:0516:50
Farningham High Street7:3518:0016:45
Eynsford Rail Station7:3917:5616:41
Shoreham Rail Station7:4317:5216:37
Otford Greenhill Road7:4517:5016:35
Childsbridge Lane, Kemsing7:4917:4616:31
St Ediths, Kemsing7:5317:4216:27
Walthamstow Hall8:1017:3016:15

Kings Hill Mini Bus Route (May 2018)

KINGS HILLMonday - Friday CollectionMonday - Thursday ReturnFriday Return
Tower View junction with Winston Avenue, Kings Hill7:2518:1016:55
Council Offices Car Park, Gibson Drive, Kings Hill7:3518:0516:50
High Street, West Malling7:4018:0016:45
Plowenders Close, Addington7:4517:5516:40
Platt Memorial Hall7:5017:5016:35
Rock Road/A25, Borough Green7:5517:4516:30
Sevenoaks Road/A25, Ightham (Ightham Club)8:0017:4016:25
Walthamstow Hall8:1517:3016:15

Oxted Mini Bus Route (May 2018)

OXTEDMonday - Friday CollectionMonday - Thursday ReturnFriday Return
Oxted Station Road West7:3018:0516:50
Limpsfield Chart7:4018:0016:45
Westerham Green7:4217:5516:40
Brasted, White Hart Car Park7:4817:5016:35
Chipstead High Street8:0517:4016:25
Walthamstow Hall8:2017:3016:15

Sevenoaks Station Mini Bus Route (May 2018)

SEVENOAKS STATIONMonday - Friday CollectionMonday - Thursday ReturnFriday Return
St Botolph's Road junction8:1516:20 & 17:3516:20
Walthamstow Hall8:2016:15 & 17:3016:15

Since the buses run ‘come what may’, we are unable to give refunds for days missed for any reason.  As with all extras, a term’s notice in writing to the Headmistress by the first day of term is required for withdrawal from the service at the end of that term.

Girls waiting for the mini-buses have tea provided at no extra charge and go to their organised activity or supervised study in the library.  On Friday only, the mini-buses leave at 4.30pm.

All times are closely monitored to see that they are met.  Pick-up and drop-off points are reviewed regularly.