Student Responsibilities - Walthamstow Hall

Students are encouraged to take roles of responsibility and leadership from Year 7 up.

Prefects and House Captains

Year 13 students are invited to stand for election for the post of Prefects and House Captains each year. The appointment of 14 Prefects, including Head Girl and two Deputy Head Girls, and 12 House Captains is decided by votes cast by students and staff.

Prefects take up particular responsibilities and duties for social, charity and environmental matters around school. House Captains, meanwhile lead, organise, motivate and support their Houses in the many House competitions which take place over the course of the year.

School Council

Students can approach any member of staff if they have a concern. In addition, there is also a more formal channel for students to voice ideas and draw attention to issues of importance. Walthamstow Hall’s School Council is long established and has an important status. The School Council meets once every term under the chairmanship of the Head Girl and is attended by Prefects, representatives from every Form, the Headmistress and Deputy Heads. Meetings are formal with proposals submitted in advance, all proposals given due consideration and minutes posted for all students to see.

Peer Mentors

Twelve Year 11 Peer Mentors are appointed each year. These students are available to provide support and practical advice to younger students.

Form Captains

From Year 7, and throughout their time at Senior School, students are elected as Form Captains and Deputies. New Captains are elected by their peers each term, their badges are assigned by the Headmistress and they are given a job description to follow, their main task being to assist their Form Tutor in the smooth running of the Form.


Year 8 students act as ‘buddies’ for incoming Year 7 students. Each Year 8 student is assigned a new student, who will be in the same school House. They introduce themselves by sending an individual letter of welcome during the Summer Term before the new Year 7’s start and then ‘watch out for’ and offer support during their Year 7’s first year at Senior School.