Charities and Service

Pupils are exceptionally positive in their commitment to improving the lives of others and their outstanding charity work is hugely valued and supported enthusiastically by all.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, 2019

Walthamstow Hall has a strong tradition of service and concern for others and the environment.  An awareness of the wider world and community is fostered from Year 7 and pupils learn that their actions can make a difference in the UK and internationally.


At the start of each academic year compelling nominations are presented by pupils to their peers before a vote to decide the School’s main charity.  For 2023/2024, the pupils voted for the Umoyo Community Project, founded in 2008, which supports and empowers the people of Njebwa Village in Malawi.  Charity initiatives, like fund -raising concert Wally Stage and Screen, will contribute to the fund-raising for this charity  over the ensuing twelve months.


Many Walthamstow Hall pupils undertake service in the local community as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.  In addition, the School has established links with a number of local organisations where pupils undertake volunteering work.

Kent Youth County Council

Walthamstow Hall has a strong record of Year 12 students being elected to the Kent Youth County Council where they represent the views of young people in the Sevenoaks District and campaign to make a difference in the local matters which most affect their peer groups.

St Johns’ Primary School

Walthamstow Hall has developed a strong working link with its nearest school neighbour, St John’s Primary, in nearby Bayham Road.  St John’s pupils are regular guests at Walthamstow Hall events, for example at Science Week.  They also make regular use of our facilities, using the swimming pool, a Science lab for lessons and The Ship Theatre for their school play and rehearsals.


Every Summer Year 11 pupils host a tea party and afternoon of entertainment at School for the elderly residents of nearby Rockdale House.  Pupils in Years 7 and 8 also visit residents, often giving a Drama performance too.

During inspection, older pupils showed outstanding collaborative skills when planning, preparing and running an afternoon tea party with entertainment for local senior citizens.

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, 2019


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