Walthamstow Hall Senior School is one of the UK’s top performing independent schools with a long-established reputation for identifying talent and achieving excellence in all areas. The school’s winning combination of top flight teaching, motivated students, exceptional facilities and effective partnerships with parents ensures that every student becomes the best that she can be. Since its foundation as a charity for missionary daughters in 1838 the school has maintained a strong ethos of making a Walthamstow Hall education accessible to talented girls whatever their circumstances.

Walthamstow Hall Senior School offers financial Awards to girls who show exceptional promise academically or in sport, drama or art, or a combination of these. There are two types of Award; ‘Exhibitions’ are Awards worth a value of up to 24% of tuition fees and ‘Scholarships’ are Awards worth between 25 and 50% of tuition fees. Students wishing to apply for Awards are assessed by examination, interview and, where appropriate, audition/practical assessment. Awards worth 5 – 25% of the value of annual fees are usually the norm but Scholarships of a value up to 50% of the fees are also offered to very exceptional students. Recipients of Awards are referred to as ‘scholars’.

Awards (Scholarships and Exhibitions)

Awards are offered to students who demonstrate exceptional promise in Walthamstow Hall Senior School assessments.

Academic Awards

Academic Awards are offered at the Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12 entry points to the school.

At Year 7 entry, students who perform at the highest level in the Walthamstow Hall entrance papers in Maths and English are selected to sit a further scholarship exam and attend a further scholarship interview from which scholars are identified.

At Year 9 entry, both existing Walthamstow Hall students and candidates from other schools sit Walthamstow Hall entrance papers in Maths, English, Science, a language and one other subject (chosen from History, Geography, Latin or Religious Studies, nominated by the student). Award offers are made based on performance in these examinations.

At Sixth Form entry, candidates sit specific scholarship examinations consisting of a general paper and papers in two subjects nominated by the student and chosen from the following list: Maths, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Latin, Religious Studies, Drama, Music, French, German, Spanish, ICT and Computing or one of Art, Textiles or 3D Design.

Music Awards

Music Awards are offered at the Year 7 and Year 9 entry points to the school.

At Year 7 entry, candidates are asked to audition two instruments in front of a panel which includes an external adjudicator. The student should perform with at least two instruments, the second of which can be voice. Candidates should be performing at a minimum ABRSM Grade 3 or equivalent level in their first instrument. The candidate will also be required to demonstrate their sight reading ability, will have a short aural assessment and will be interviewed by the panel.

The same audition process is followed for Year 9 entry where candidates would be expected to be performing at a minimum ABRSM Grade 5 level or equivalent.

Music scholars are expected to attend all relevant orchestra and ensemble practices and to perform in and support all school concerts and open mornings.

Music can also be offered as one of a candidate’s nominated subjects for the academic scholarship.

Sports Awards

Sports Awards are offered at the Year 7 and Year 9 entry points to the school.

At Year 7 entry, candidates attend a sports assessment morning at Walthamstow Hall. The assessment includes a range of activities designed to test leadership, team work, skills, aptitude and potential. (Candidates are not expected to have played lacrosse before). The assessment panel includes internal and external adjudicators. Candidates are also asked to submit references from two sports coaches, from for example, outside clubs that they play for. Candidates short listed for an Award will also be interviewed by a panel.

The same assessment, interview and reference process is followed for internal and external candidates for the Year 9 Sports Awards.

Sports scholars are expected to attend all relevant sports practices and coaching sessions, to represent the school when selected for matches and demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship and team work.

Drama Awards

Drama Scholarships are only offered at the Year 9 entry point to the school.

Candidates have an interview, undertake group work, including improvisation, and perform a prepared audition piece in front of a panel of internal and external adjudicators.

Drama scholars are expected to support the Drama department, performing in and assisting backstage in school productions.

Art Awards

Art Awards are offered at Year 9 and Year 12 entry points.

Candidates sit an Art examination at Walthamstow Hall and submit a portfolio of work which is assessed by a panel of internal and external assessors.

Art can also be offered as one of a candidate’s nominated subjects for the academic scholarship.

Award Conditions

  • Award examinations/practical assessments must be taken on the designated scholarship examination/assessment days at Walthamstow Hall. For Year 7 entry candidates must sit the general entrance paper and call back scholarship papers on the designated days, these exams take place within the school week. For Year 9 and 12 Awards candidates must sit the scholarship exams on the designated day; currently on a Saturday.
  • Candidates for sports, music, drama and art Awards must fulfil Walthamstow Hall’s usual entrance criteria in the school’s entrance examinations, interview and Head’s report.
  • The Headmistress’s decision on the offer and value of an Award is final.
  • If an Award is offered but parents subsequently decline their daughter’s place at Walthamstow Hall the Award will not be offered to another candidate who would have benefitted. For this reason the school advises parents to consider very carefully their commitment to taking a place at Walthamstow Hall when they apply for an Award. Walthamstow Hall assume that if an Award is applied for and given that it will be accepted for the duration of a student’s seven years at Walthamstow Hall.
  • Awards are subject to review with continuation based on satisfactory progress, participation and conduct in school.
  • Some parents prefer not to take the financial discount associated with an Award. In such instances the student is still recognised as a scholar and receives her scholarship prize but the funds are re-diverted into the school’s bursary fund.