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Uniform List for Senior School Girls

All items brought to School whether uniform or non-uniform must be clearly named, preferably with woven name tapes or indelible ink for non fabric items.   The correct school uniform should be worn in School and when travelling to and from School.

Items marked with an * must be purchased from Horncastles, 66 High Street, Sevenoaks TN13 1JR. Tel: 01732 453574 at www.horncastles.co.uk.  Email sales@horncastles.co.uk.  There is normally a 5% discount during July.

The Senior School second hand uniform shop is situated at the end of the visitor's car park, in the Squash Court building, beside the swimming pool building. It is now open every Tuesday at the new time of 8.15 - 9.15am.


Uniform List 

  • * Grey pleated skirt (Y7 – Y11)
  • * Black Blazer
  • * Grey straight skirt (optional Y9 - Y11)

  • * White long sleeved open neck shirt with embroidered badge (winter)

  • * Short sleeved blouse with embroidered badge (summer)

  • * Short sleeved cotton dress (optional – summer)

  • * Black school jumper

  • * Cardigan (optional for summer – to be worn with summer dress)

  • * School scarf (optional)

  • * White science overall with initials clearly embroidered on front

  • Plain black or charcoal grey coat (not jacket length)

  • Shoes – plain black leather and low heeled

  • Plain black tights or grey knee length socks (winter)

  • White ankle socks or flesh coloured tights should be worn with summer uniform

  • Plain black stretch fabric trousers for drama

  • Plain black round neck T shirt for drama

  • Suitable school bag – preferably rucksack type

  • Gloves, if worn, should be black

  • Hair ties or slides if worn must be plain – black, red or gold

  • No jewellery, make up or nail varnish should be worn with school uniform.  For pierced ears, plain metal ear studs may be worn in ear lobes only.  A religious symbol such as a confirmation cross may be worn. 

  • Hair, shoulder length or longer, must be tied back securely at all times.

 Skirts/summer dress to be worn no shorter than approximately 10 cms above the knee.  The only scarf allowed is the official school scarf available from Horncastles. 

Sports Wear

The correct sports kit must be worn for practices, lessons and matches.  All items should be clearly named. 

  • * Black skort with school logo

  • * Canterbury rain jacket with logo

  • * Canterbury stadium pants with logo

  • * Red hoodie with school logo (optional)

  • * Fitted sports top with logo

  • * Plain black shorts for gym and athletics

  • Black/White base layer garment(s)

  • Polo shirt in House colours (ordered through school)

  • Short white sport socks for netball

  • Short black sport socks for lacrosse

  • Trainers – cross or running – suitable for netball and tennis

  • Trainers - clean, with a non-marking sole for indoor use

  • Football boots for lacrosse (moulded sole)

  • One piece black swimming costume.  Goggles (optional)

  • House swimming hat with school logo (ordered through school)

  • Towel for swimming

  • Named bag for swimming kit

  • Lacrosse stick (available through school and engraved on request)

  • Tennis racquet, head cover named inside and outside

  • Mouth guard (available through school/dentist) and eye protection goggles (available through school)

  • Boot bag available from sports shops 

  • Combination padlock for sports locker supplied through School at a cost of £8.50 which will be added to your account

Naming School Sportswear

Important Instructions from the P.E. Department


Nametape on inside waistband and inside front hem

Shirts, Sweatshirt and Tracksuit

Nametape on inside


Costume and towel to be named with nametapes
Hat to be named with indelible ink

Trainers and Lacrosse Boots

Initials on outside
Nametape sewn on inside tongue

Bootbag and Gloves

Nametape sewn inside