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Lunch Menus

Girls and staff routinely enjoy school lunch together in the Dining Hall which was opened in May 2014. Our catering team produces an extensive daily menu consisting of soups, hot main dishes, vegetarian options, salads, home-made desserts and fresh fruit and vegetables. All girls are encouraged to eat a healthy lunch and with so much choice there is always something to satisfy all tastes.

Walthamstow Hall is a nut free school. Lunch menus are all nut free. In addition, students must not bring in nuts, or snacks containing nuts, for their break or packed lunches.

Daily Junior School Menu for Summer Term 2018

Week 1, for weeks commencing 16th April, 14th May and 18th June

Week 2, for weeks commencing 23rd April, 21st May and 25th June

Week 3, for weeks commencing 30th April, 4th June and 2nd July

Week 4, for weeks commencing 7th May, 11th June and 9th July