Opportunities to volunteer, to become involved in the successful Young Enterprise Scheme and to take the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to the highest levels all stimulate students to use their initiative in addressing practical, social and business issues.  There are also, of course, opportunities to lead.

Sixth Formers are visible ambassadors and play an important role in setting the positive and purposeful tone for other students.  Younger pupils watch the Sixth Form’s enthusiastic and committed involvement across all areas of school life and follow their example.  All Year 12 and 13 students are expected to play a significant role in the running of the School, whether as leads in the plays, leaders in the orchestra and ensembles, sports captains or in the example they set in every day life.

The Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls, Prefects and House Captains are elected by staff and students following the publication of pitches from those students who wish to stand for office.  In all 12 Prefects and 12 House Captains are elected, two per House.  Prefects are given designated areas of responsibility; for example, social, charity and environment whilst two House Captains head up each House, inspiring, motivating and organising their House Members in fiercely fought but friendly competitions across the course of the year.

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