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Pupils develop excellent social and physical skills through the comprehensive sports programme and in outdoor pursuits such as bush craft, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, community service and charity work, that are a strength of the school.”

Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2019

Learning is not restricted to the classroom at Walthamstow Hall with plentiful workshops, lectures and trips locally and further afield.


Students travel abroad regularly and recently have been on school organised trips to Berlin, Rome, Iceland and the United States. There are also study visits, workshops and theatre trips nearer to home as well as the inspiring and thought-provoking Sixth Form Lecture Programme, all carefully planned to enhance and extend what is learned in class. At every stage girls are challenged to think across and around subjects.

Proposed and Scheduled School Trips Academic Year 2019 - 2020

Year Group (s)DepartmentDestinationResidentialDates
10Design TechnologyVictoria & Albert Museum, LondonOctober
11Design Technology3D Design Aylesford PotterySeptember
7Co-curricular/InductionRomshed FarmSeptember
13ChemistryEcton, Staffordshire3 daysOctober
8 & 9PE - NetballCondover Tournament, Shropshire3 daysOctober
11CareersSkills Fest Fair, Tunbridge WellsOctober
10 - 13Art - TextilesKnit & Stitch Show, LondonOctober
10 - 13GeographyIceland5 daysOctober half term
10 - 13Classics/Theology & PhilosophyRome, Italy4 daysOctober half term
10Religious StudiesGCSE Conference, LondonNovember
12ChemistryChemistry in Action Lectures, LondonNovember
12MathematicsMaths in Action Lectures, LondonNovember
12 & 13BiologyBiology in Action Lectures, LondonNovember
12 & 13ClassicsBritish MuseumNovember
12 & 13PhysicsPhysics in Action LectureNovember
12CareersSkills Workshop, LondonNovember
12 & 13ArtArt in Action Lectures, LondonDecember
8DramaTheatre trip, LondonDecember
8 - 13MusicChoir tourFebruary half term
7 - 13Co-curricularSki trip, CanadaFebruary half term
7PE - NetballCondover Hall Tournament & Cadbury World, Shropshire3 daysMarch
9HistoryWW1 Battlefields Trip, Belgium & France*2 daysJuly
8Co-curricularBushcraft3 daysJuly
10 & 12GeographyCranedale Field Trip, North Yorkshire*tbcJuly
12BiologyJuniper Hall Field Trip, Surrey*4 daysJuly
* The School has a policy that no student be excluded from curriculum-related trips because of cost. Any parent experiencing financial difficulty may write to the Headmistress in confidence.

School Trips Photo Gallery

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Walthamstow Hall is thrilled to offer students, from Year 9 right through to Year 13, the opportunity to enrol on the world’s largest youth award programme. The service, resilience, fun and pioneering spirit of the scheme is in perfect symmetry with our ethos and students are actively encouraged to participate. The School has a dedicated and experienced Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator, Mr Nic Ramsden who has greatly increased the profile of the scheme within the School and the numbers of students completing their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. The School became a ‘Directly Licenced Centre’ for the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in 2018 and an 18 month Gold Award programme has been established for Sixth Formers to commence in Year 12.The Duke of Edinburgh programme is an integral part of the fabric of Walthamstow Hall and is hugely supported by both staff and parent volunteers without whom the Award could not be run.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Website

Year 7 – 8 Active Adventures Award

The Active Adventures Award Scheme was introduced in the 2018 Autumn Term with the aim of further inspiring and firing the imaginations of our youngest students in the three key areas; selfless service, keeping fit and learning a new skill.

Selfless Service

This section is all about volunteering time to others in any shape or form without reward or payment. Students can help family, friends or others in the community. Any activity which helps others will count with a student’s parents’ permission. Examples of selfless service include:

  • Helping parents or relatives with washing up, tidying up or gardening
  • Helping the elderly
  • Helping at church or at a youth organisation
  • Going out litter-picking
  • Fund raising for a charity
  • Helping parents who may be active with volunteering in the community or for a charity.

Keeping Fit

This section is all about staying healthy, playing a team or individual sport, or taking part in a leisure activity. Students can undertake any series of sporting activities with friends or on their own, in a school club or a sports club. Ideas for this section include:

  • Any team or individual sport
  • General fitness like walking, swimming, cycling or running
  • Rock-climbing, table tennis, archery, gymnastics, paddle sports, dancing.

Learning a Skill

This section is all about learning a practical skill. Students can do any series of skills, using any technique, instrument, medium or media. Potential skills include;

  • Amateur dramatics
  • Building models
  • Cake decorating
  • Computer skills
  • Cooking
  • Creating art
  • Doing puzzles
  • Face-painting
  • Gardening
  • Keeping a pet
  • Learning first aid
  • Photography
  • Playing board games
  • Playing a musical instrument

Active Adventures Award - Year 7

BronzeNovember - February Half Term2 months of Skill, Service & Fitness for 30 minutes per week
SilverFebruary Half Term - End of Summer Term3 months of Skill, Service and Fitness for 30 minutes per week plus a Community Project - Form Prayers
GoldAutumn - Summer Term of Year 85 months of Skill, Service and Fitness for 30 minutes a week plus a Community Project - Form Prayers and Expedition - Bushcraft

Active Adventures Award - Current Year 8

BronzeNovember - February Half Term2 months of Skill, Service and Fitness for 30 minutes a week
SilverFebruary Half Term - End of Summer Term3 months of Shill, Service and Fitness for 30 minutes a week. Plus, Community Project - Form Prayers and Expedition - Bush Craft
Duke of Edinburgh BronzeFrom the Autumn term of Year 9 students commence their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

Bush Craft

The residential Bush Craft trip takes place at the end of Year 8. Students camp out for two nights in either tents or under shelters which they have fashioned themselves from branches if they choose! By day the students take part in team activities to build self reliance, resilience, ingenuity and team work skills as well as having an enormous amount of fun.

Bush Craft 2018 Photo Gallery