Admissions Procedure

Before Making an Application

Before applying for a place for their child parents are invited to refer to the School’s Admissions policy.

Admissions Procedure

  • Parents are invited to tour the School, please contact the Registrar, Mrs Alex Knight at registrar@whall.school.
  • Following their visit to the School parents can make an application on the School’s ‘Registration Form‘.  The registration fee for the Junior School is £100 and is non-refundable.
  • Applications for admission are dealt with on receipt.
  • A Head’s Report is requested from the current school.
  • Decisions are posted to parents within one week of their child’s visit.
  • Where places are over-subscribed for a particular year group, a waiting list is established.

Taster Sessions

Once an application form and registration fee have been submitted prospective pupils are invited to attend ‘taster sessions’ in the year group they will join. Parents who are considering a place for their daughter in Nursery, Pre-School or Reception are invited in to meet the Head of Early Years before their daughter’s taster session.

Taster sessions in Early Years will be tailored depending on each child’s needs, a child familiar with an Early Years setting will be likely to settle quickly and be undaunted by attending a whole session. A number of shorter tasters might better suit a younger child who hasn’t left their parent before.

From Year 3 upwards, the taster session can include more formal elements including assessment papers.  This is particularly important for those pupils joining the School in Year 5 or 6 who wish to go on to sit entrance papers for Walthamstow Hall Senior School in Year 6.

In addition to the taster session a Head’s report is requested from the child’s current school.

Admissions Criteria

Places will be offered to pupils who demonstrate their academic potential and the likelihood that they will benefit from the ethos of the School, and the broad and challenging education provided by the School.  Selection is made by the appropriate senior staff.

The selection will be based on:

  • a Head’s report from the pupil’s current school, including assessment data e.g. base-line test scores
  • the results of the pupil’s visit
  • the parents’ expressed preference in choice of schools, in the instance of oversubscription.

Decisions regarding the offer of a place are posted to parents within one week of their child attending their visit.

Selection Criteria in an oversubscribed year

Where all things are equal the following criteria will be used:

a)    a daughter of a missionary;
b)    a sibling whose sister is in the school at the date of the application;
c)    in the event of a tie-breaker proving necessary, the school will, as a last resort, take into account the proximity of home to school.

Terms and Conditions

Walthamstow Hall Terms and Conditions

Appeals and Complaints

The Headmistress’s decision is final, but if a parent has a concern about the admission process, the complaint should be discussed first of all with the Headmistress, and if there is no satisfactory outcome, a complaint can be made to the Governing Body.  The complaint should be put in writing to the Clerk of the Governing Body.  A committee of the Governing Body will consider the complaint and make a ruling.

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