Options at 11+ - Walthamstow Hall

Pupils in Year 6 achieve highly in gaining scholarships and exhibitions to the Senior School as well as places in other selective grammar and independent schools.

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2019

Our knowledge of every pupil’s individual needs enables us to work closely with parents to identify the best Senior School options for their daughter. The shared ethos and values of both the Senior and Junior Schools means that Walthamstow Hall Senior School is the natural option for most parents. Optimum-sized classes throughout guarantee girls individual attention and enable a seamless, well-paced and highly effective preparation for Entrance Examinations, including the Kent 11+ and independent school papers, without last-minute, stressful cramming and changes to routine. Each year we celebrate successes as girls gain places, some with Scholarships, to a range of schools including our own Senior School.