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“Pupils under three years of age experience a wide range of activities to develop skills of exploration, observation and problem solving, giving them an excellent introduction to school life.” ISI Report 2007.

Girls can join our Nursery, ‘Little Shipmates’, the term after they turn 2 ½ when we invite them to join us for two mornings a week. The number of sessions attended can be increased from the term after a girl’s third birthday. We believe that at this time parents are the best judge of how much time their daughter is ready to spend in a school setting. We offer ten half-day ‘sessions’ a week and give parents the flexibility to increase or change the number of sessions, according to their daughter’s needs each term. In this way we are able to gradually increase Nursery provision at the correct pace for each girl until the September after her fourth birthday, when she enters full-time school with her friends.


We believe that getting the pace of entry to school life right will give your daughter the best possible start to her education. The Nursery curriculum is lively and varied, giving the girls opportunities to enjoy creativity, role play, music, exercise, social skills, and early reading, writing and number skills. In a well-resourced, comfortable, safe and bright environment activities are based both indoors and outdoors; even in wet weather girls don their red all-in-one waterproofs and enjoy exploring in ‘the Dell’ and splashing in puddles.

From her very first day your daughter will be treated as an individual, who is made to feel special. Girls are taught and cared for by well-qualified staff, who ensure that the individual needs of each girls are recognised and catered for. There is one teacher for every four pupils for girls under 3 years of age and one teacher for every eight girls aged 3-4.

Through the curriculum and appropriate, safe learning environment in both Nursery and Reception we ensure that girls feel confident and secure in order to develop as independent learners. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions and choices are well as show respect for others.

The curriculum for girls in Nursery and Reception is based on the statutory framework and practice guidelines set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The areas of learning and experience are:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy development
  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development


We believe that young children learn effectively through purposeful, structured play, exploration and speech. We plan for play in the curriculum in both Nursery and Reception to support the girls’ physical, emotional and spiritual growth, intellectual development and behavioural skills. They are given opportunities to engage in imaginative, investigative a, exploratory, structured and open-ended play as well as developing early reading, writing and numeracy skills at this stage.