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Termly Fees and Extra Subject Charges from Autumn Term 2016.

1.    Fees (per term)

Junior School Nursery per session (for whole term)# £295.00
   Reception to Year 2 *+ ^ Termly Fees £3,680.00
  Year 3 to Year 6 *^ Termly Fees £4,640.00
Registration Fee    Junior School £100.00

Tuition fees are discounted for second daughters (5%) and third and subsequent daughters (10%)

2. Extra Subjects (10 Lessons per term)

Music individual £220.00
Music Theory group £45.00
Trinity Speech & Drama individual Year 4 upwards £200.00
Trinity Speech & Drama shared Year 4 upwards  £150.00
Dancing (Ballet) Group Year 3 upwards £60.00
Dancing (Modern) Group Years 1 and 2) £56.00
Gymnastics Year 1 upwards £67.50
Tennis Year 1 upwards £45.00

Extras notes:
Recorder Group is a curriculum subject in the Junior School 
Trinity Speech and Drama is offered from Year 4 in the Junior School
Ballet is a curriculum subject from Reception to Year 2.

3. Additional Extras (per term)

Extra Tuition (Learning Support) £190
Junior School Six O’Clock Stay (SOCS)     Termly in advance per session £9.50

# a nursery session is half a day
*includes a charge for school lunch
+ includes the charge for ballet
^ includes recorder group and speech and drama as curriculum subjects

Fee Refund Scheme