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The formal celebration to wish Year 13 goodbye was a moving, joyful evening. With pupils and their parents gathered in their finest for their last event at the School, Headmistress Ms Chamberlain urged them to hold the evening in their memories as it was “a very important moment of transition”.

Head of Sixth Form Mrs Brown praised the pupils as a “phenomenal” year group,  describing the hard work, determination and grit it had taken to get to this point. “Anything is possible with kindness and courage… stay positive, keep shining bright, we will miss you all very much”.

The evening was punctuated by musical performances from Jemima on her oboe, Katya, Sasha and Ruby who sang her own composition.

Deputy Head Mr Hughes read a speech on behalf of our former Headmistress Miss Ferro, which began with Roger McGough’s wonderful poem: Tomorrow has your name on it. Miss Ferro’s final words were never to underestimate the power of showing gratitude.

Form Tutors then introduced each pupil, sharing their plans for their next steps after Wally. Our Chair of Governors Mrs Adams presented each one with a silver pendant of the Walthamstow Hall Ship, their year book and a brightly coloured box containing a message which each pupil had written to themselves at the beginning of Year 12.

In the programme accompanying the event, pupils had written brief notes about what they were proud of achieving at School. Examples included completing the Gold DofE Award, Captaining the Lacrosse Team in a national tournament – and passing GCSE English!

After the presentations, it was time for outgoing Head Girl Elizabeth to give her address. She said her year group was “defined by our joy and ingenuity” and she hoped “we continue to throw ourselves into everything with passion”.

Goodbye and good luck Year 13, it’s been a pleasure!

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