Congratulations to these Year 13 students for their stunning results in the optional EPQ which they took last year.

Of the twelve students who took the Extended Project Qualification seven were awarded A*, four received an A and one received a B. This means 62% of this cohort received an A*. Feedback from the external moderator notes ‘It is clear that both the staff and students at Walthamstow Hall clearly value the Extended Project Qualification leading to a plethora of excellent submissions.’

The EPQ is an extended, independent body of work carried out on a subject of the student’s choosing which equates to half an A Level.  Titles this time included:

  • Assess the factors which caused the 2011 famine in Somalia
  • Has biophilic urbanism improved the effects of climate change in Singapore?
  • Assess the reasons why Americans still support the death penalty
  • ‘Word on the Street’: an independent publication to highlight the evolution of street fashion from the 1990s to the 2020s
  • A critical analysis of the business strategies of Formula 1 to ensure the future sustainability of the sport

Headmistress Ms Chamberlain congratulated the students, but also praised the staff who had guided them: EPQ Coordinator and history teacher Mrs Thomas, Head of Fine Art Mrs Mulcahy, history teacher Mrs Scott and Head of KS4 Mrs Franzen.


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