Impressive academic news ahead of our Senior School Open Morning: our Value Added score from Year 7 to I/GCSE this summer places us 8th out of 283 independent schools. In five of the last six years, we have been in the top 5% of independent schools for Value Add at I/GCSE.

Value Added is the independent measure that maps a student’s predicted academic achievements – based on a Cognitive Ability Test taken at Year 7 – against the actual grades they achieve in Year 11.  Any difference between the two gives the Value Added score.

The analysis is carried by out by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Cambridge University (CEM). Read more about VA here.

From Year 12 to A Level this summer, we achieved statistically significant positive Value Added and were ranked in the top 15% of independent schools. Since 2017, we have been consistently ranked in the top 25% of independent schools at A Level.

These results are further confirmation that the curriculum and teaching at Walthamstow Hall ensure your daughter performs to the best of her academic ability.


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