Year 13 students from Walthamstow Hall, Sevenoaks are embarking on an exciting array of university courses armed with an exceptionally strong set of A Level results. Overall, 88.2% of A Levels were awarded at A*- B with 61.2% of grades at A*- A.

Walthamstow Hall’s 2022 results are the School’s strongest A Level achievement, aside from 2021’s results which were slightly higher. This is illustrated in the comparison with 2019’s results below (2019 was the last year that A Levels were assessed using traditional exams).

% 2019 2022 % Increase from 2019-2022
A* 16.0 30.0  * 12.8
A* – A 54.5 61.2 6.7
A* – B 80.1 88.2 8.1
A* – C 92.9 98.8 5.9


* This grade percentage was increased on 26.09.2022, following remarks.  

As has been widely covered in the media, there has been uncertainty surrounding how A Level results would be affected by revised grade boundaries and a return to ‘in person’ examinations this year. This, combined with universities introducing further caps on places for their most competitive courses, has made for a challenging countdown to this results day. Such a backdrop makes the A Level achievements of Walthamstow Hall students all the more remarkable and magnifies their success in securing courses including medicine, veterinary science, chemistry, mathematics, business management, English literature, and a number of demanding classics-related subjects at universities including Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter and Oxford. 

Reflecting on the past year and these results, Headmistress, Miss Stephanie Ferro said, “I congratulate this steely cohort of students for the discipline, determination and grit which they have used to such great effect in the last two and half years of their time at School. These results are a testament to their focus on working to the very best of their ability and their zeal for making the most of life, whatever the unpredictable circumstances. They have set a vibrant and positive example to younger students and have already demonstrated that, as well as an excellent academic bedrock and multitude of co-curricular interests and talents, they have the skills and gusto not to be knocked off course, whatever life throws at them. I wish them continuing fulfilment and success and extend my warmest thanks to their dedicated parents and teachers who have provided such nurture and support.”  

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