Leavers’ Ceremony GALLERY June 2021

Smiles, laughter and maybe even a tear or two, the Year 13’s Leavers’ Ceremony had it all.

This is the brief, final event where the outgoing students say their official goodbye to students and staff before handing over their Prefect and House Captain badges to the incoming cohort, in a symbolic swapping of positions in the Main Hall. Due to restrictions, this year’s event was contained within the Year 12 and 13 and Staff bubbles.

Each student stood up to a timeline of when they joined the School, starting with Grace in Little Shipmates Nursery in 2006.

They then read out a poll of their peers, for example, ‘Who was most likely to find a cure for cancer?’ A: Lucy and ‘Who did everyone think was the teachers’ pet?’ A: Mabel!

Then, it was the teachers’ turn. ‘Who was most likely to be mistaken for a Sixth Former?’ A: Drama’s Mrs Harris. ‘The kindest teacher?’ A: Head of Philosophy and Theology and Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Mr Pollen. Then there were a few apologies, with students confessing to some minor misdemeanours during their School career.

Outgoing Head Girl Alice read Leaving the Nest by Nolan Davis, which included the lines:

So be the bird that takes the chance,

And flies towards the setting sun.

Because a bird that’s caught in passing glance

Is better than a cage built for one.

Miss Ferro ended with a prayer:

We remember all who by their courage and wisdom, by their sincere love of learning, by their friendship and unwearied kindness… have helped us in our search for truth, and in our search have shown us beauty. … and we will praise, bless and thank you all the days of our life; through Jesus Christ, our Lord“.

Godspeed Year 13!




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