All of this snow has made us nostalgic for our production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ last term and it seems we’re not the only ones, the play, which was made as a film, has received a whopping 1,249 views on YouTube.

If you didn’t get around to watching it before or need a break from Netflix boxsets then do click on the link below.

If  you’d like a taster of what to expect then here’s an excerpt from a brilliant review written by Year 8 Florence L

“I thoroughly recommend this piece of theatre, as the direction and sheer level of talent displayed by the actresses is mindblowing. The directional take on this
classic novella is astounding, a must-see performance.

Fleur Matthews, as Ebenezer Scrooge, acted out a fantastic portrayal of the iconic character. In the first 15 minutes or so, it is made extremely clear that she will not
show any sympathy for anyone. Her fast lines delivered to pleading clients are spoken with such haste, accuracy, and lack of emotion, and projecting her voice to
order them to leave, leaves the audience in simultaneous awe and fear, extremely impressive so early on into the performance. However, only a few minutes
later, she seems distraught with fear at the ghost of Marley, played by Alice Hills. The Scrooge we had just met, uncaring about the rest of the society with eyes for money
alone, is replaced by an extremely contrasting, terrified character. Fleur cowers behind the minimalistic set, creating a helpless effect as if she is trapped, forced into facing Marley. Her facial expressions and whimpering add to this effect also. This sudden switch in outlook from Fleur, adds emphasis on Alice, whose drawn-out words and eerie tone create a chilling presence. Chilling is also a theme as there is dry ice across the stage on her entrance. It helped the storyline as it made it feel as though Alice was not really there or fading, just like a ghost is, when you can clearly see her on stage. It made the audience feel even more spooked and thrilled at the excitement of it all…”




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