An outstanding sample – the moderation process was made exceptionally easy by the excellent supporting material provided by the Centre and the candidates. It was a real pleasure to read these projects.

AQA Examining Board

Many congratulations to the eleven Year 13 students who have just received their EPQ results along with fantastic feedback from exam board AQA.

Students explored a diverse range of subjects in their Extended Projects including:

  • Do women in football deserve equality?
  • What is the primary cause of obesity?
  • Are psychopaths born or bred?
  • Should saviour siblings be considered ethical?
  • Will the use of technology replace physiotherapists?
  • Is recycling plastic a waste of time?
  • International adoption
  • Stage make-up for Frankenstein

In their feedback, examining board AQA said,

‘There were some impressive projects, of particular note was Candidate (Fleur Matthews) whose methodology and level of research was outstanding. The level of supervision throughout the process was excellent, challenging the Candidate to refine their topic whilst steering clear of over direction.’

10 of the projects were graded A*-B, within which 7 were A* –  A.

Many congratulations to the students and the EPQ team of supervisors led by Mrs Thomas.

Watch Mrs Thomas, Georgia and Fleur speak about the EPQ

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