Hot on the heels of ‘Mary Stuart’ Year 13 took to the stage again yesterday for more tense, high drama, this time in the guise of their pantomime, ‘Where’s Wally’. An original Wally Hall production, this year’s panto told the tale of Year 13 pulling together to solve the mystery of a missing Wally, Deputy Head, Mr Hughes. The combined talents of the year were no match for Mr Hughes’ abductor as they unpicked evidence without having to resort to the ransom demand of a 10,000 word essay on ‘The Wally Way’!

Thank you so much Year 13 who pulled off the production in between the school play, carol service, Christmas Concert and university applications and interviews. Big thank yous to to all of the staff who were such good sports, appearing in the students’ films and appearing on the stage. Miss Mehaffey, Mr Ledsham, Mrs Durrant, Mr Dakin, Mr Castell and Wally Hall’s dynamic duo at the centre of the plot Mr Howson and Mr Hughes all gave BAFTA worthy performances.

‘Where’s Wally’ Photo Gallery

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