We were moved and awestruck to hear mountaineer Jamie Andrew tell his story about ‘scaling great heights against adversity’, in our most recent Sixth Form Horizons lecture.

Twenty years ago Jamie lost all of his hands and feet to frostbite after being trapped on the Alps in a terrible storm for five days. The dramatic helicopter rescue came too late for his climbing partner, who died on the mountain.

Jamie spoke of his determination to live a life of courage, love and adventure with a serenity that was truly inspiring. His sporting and charity fundraising achievements since his change of lifestyle show that his message of hope is for real.

He described how in his early recovery period he would set himself a new challenge every day; for example one day a nurse would brush his teeth, the next day he would practice until he could do it for himself.

Mabel and Eleanor in Year 12 hosted Jamie. Mabel described him as totally inspirational: “a living example that you can do anything you put your mind to even though it may take time; you must push through.”.



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