At the end of term, this year’s Young Enterprise team, Novoneesh, wrapped up their prize-winning business in their AGM.

Novoneesh has been Wally’s most profitable Young Enterprise company, winning this year’s Kent title and the NatWest Award for best interview at the South East Regional Finals.

The company made t-shirts bearing the symbols for love, hope and peace in British Sign Language, with the aim of raising awareness of BSL.

They donated £150 of their profits to the British Deaf Association, becoming the first Wally Young Enterprise company to give to charity.

On Friday, each of the 11 team members spoke to the group about what they had learnt over the year. They voted Y12 Phoebe the ‘most grown’ in personal development, citing her confidence on the stand at the SE Regional Finals.

The students also thanked Business teacher Mrs Boorman for all her support, who in turn praised their team spirit and professionalism.

Young Enterprise was mentioned again this morning, by 2015 leaver Emily Thomas who came back to talk to Year 11 and 12s about alternatives to university. The talk was timely because Year 11 have just spent a week on work experience.

Emily said after a term of studying she realised university wasn’t for her, and that she wanted to be working, earning and learning practical skills.

She said her YE experience at school was invaluable. It helped her find work at Juleo Jewellery in Sevenoaks, after which she completed a business course in London. Emily is now working as a PR Assistant for Pandora Jewellery in London.

Emily’s advice when making decisions on what to do in life was to keep talking to friends about options. She told the students they already had lots of skills, even if they weren’t aware of them, and that they mustn’t underestimate the importance of being friendly and interested in people around them.

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