Science Week 2024

The theme this year was Space: what is out there? and it began with a giant Astrodome Show in the Senior School Main Hall. Students watched agog as the night sky spun above them, learning about planets, constellations, Greek myths and the Astro Belt.

Every lunchtime there was a different set of challenges to try out in the Science Labs.

Chemistry staff made “dry ice cream” and exploded eggs using liquid nitrogen. Students calculated the quantity of oxygen in a container and saw which colour worked best for UV shields. In Biology there was a Space Suit Challenge: how dexterous are you wearing “space gloves”? Students tasted space food, pored over creatures in ‘water from space’ under the microscope and created galaxies in bottles.

There were mind-bending challenges in Psychology and on the final day, Physics set us the Great Space Race, helped us create solar buggies and mine for Mars Bars!

Head of Science Dr Doyle said “The week taps into recent developments in space exploration and whether one day we will be able to live on Mars.”

Many thanks to the Science Department for all the ideas and fun – and to Music Teacher Mr Clements for allowing his azylotls to go on display in a tank in the Hub all week.

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