“If you enjoy performing the piece, your audience will enjoy watching it.”

The judges at this year’s Mulberry Challenge had plenty to enjoy!  Head of English at the Senior School, Ms Mehaffey and English teacher, Librarian and Wally champion of long standing, Mrs Evernden listened to girls recite a poem by heart and read a piece of prose.  They said they particularly enjoyed it when pupils brought out the rhythms and sound effects of their pieces, when they put on different voices for different characters and left them on a cliff hanger or a joke. The judges were impressed with everyone for memorising their poems.

The overall winner of the Mulberry Trophy was Cici, from an impressive field of competitors:

Winner Runner up
Year 6 Cici Nell
Year 5 Sophie Tuva
Year 4 Louisa Rosie
Year 3 Leonie Grace




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