This year we are offering Psychology A Level for the first time and it has already become next year’s most popular A Level subject for Year 11s entering the Sixth Form.

Our new Head of Department, Mr Goffredi will be teaching two classes of Year 12 Psychology students from September.

Mr Goffredi thinks pupils are attracted to studying Psychology because it’s new, but also because “it’s really interesting and it applies to everything; anything that involves humans involves psychology at some level. Why do people think, behave and act in the way they do?”.

The course is a complete introduction to the subject and includes sections on social, cognitive, abnormal and developmental psychology as well as research methodology and data analysis.

Mr Goffredi points out that nationally Psychology is the third most popular subject at university and in the top five at A Level.  Wally students are taking the AQA exam board Psychology A Level, which he has taught for many years.

Until now, Mr Goffredi’s teaching career has been in mixed state schools, with his first post in a school with 2,300 children. He says by contrast “Wally feels like a family…there’s a warm feeling that everyone looks out for everyone else and there’s a genuine interest in the students.”


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