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This year’s competition to win the House Performing Arts Cup had all the ingredients we love: singing, dancing, a mix of instruments in hastily-assembled bands, pantomime, teachers in drag, teamwork, confidence and above all, fun.

The themes were boy bands and solo female artists. Each House had to come up with a whole-House performance and another, smaller group performance. We heard songs by Oasis, One Direction, Queen, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears among others.

The challenge for House Captains is to organise and enthuse their troops; for the younger students it’s to join in, have a go and reveal any hidden musical talents (who knew Iride could beatbox like that?).

Many thanks to this year’s guest judge, Director of Music at Granville School, Mr Granger. It was a close-run thing, but Quebec ended years of dominance by Down House, to become the overall winner. Full results:

House Performing Arts Cup 1st Quebec (One Direction and Rihanna)
2nd Down (JSL and Britney Spears)
3rd Knole (Oasis and Beyoncé)
Best House Song Winner: Quebec
Runner Up: Montreal (Take That and Lady Gaga)
Best House Ensemble Winner: Down
Runner Up: Knole
Best Presented House Winner: Chartwell (Queen and Dolly Parton)
Runner Up: Penshurst (Back Street Boys and Amy Winehouse)


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