Impressive news of the academic boost – or “value-added” score – we give to all our students.

Independent analysis of the progress this summer’s Year 13 leavers made in the Sixth Form put Walthamstow Hall in the top 6% of schools, when compared to both independent and state sectors. This is a fantastic achievement and is our best since 2015, discounting the pandemic years of 2020-21.

For GCSE, the measurements put Walthamstow Hall 24th out of 283 independent schools, so within the top 10% of the private sector.

These measurements are known as the “value-added” score. They aim to show how much progress an individual student has made from his or her starting point.

The rankings come from the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Cambridge University (CEM). Each year we send results from a Cognitive Ability Test students sit at the start of Year 7 (called MidYIS) and at the start of Year 12 (called ALIS) to CEM, which uses the data to predict the likely exam outcome for the student at GCSE and A Level. If a student does better than expected, the School is deemed to have “added value” to her academic results.

The value-added scores demonstrate that sending your daughter to Walthamstow Hall gives her the best chance to fulfil her academic potential.

Click here for GCSE results.

Click here for A Level results.

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