More incredible swimming news to report.

At the weekend, Alice, in Year 10, completed an amazing relay swim across the Channel!

Back in the UK after her month on the Walthamstow Hall Borneo trip, Alice had been waiting to hear that conditions were right for the swim. The call came on Saturday and Alice headed to Dover. Alice started the swim at 01:30 in the morning from Samphire Hoe when the boat siren signalled the official start. She swam for 2 hours in darkness as ‘Swimmer 1’ to get her boat ‘Optimist’ a clear lead over the other 4 boats also taking part in the event.

After two hours in the water Alice handed over to Swimmer 2 who swam to sunrise. The team then rotated to the finish. Alice got a total of 4 swims and had to really push through the intense swell, ships, cold-water and choppy waves to enable the boat to land in an almost perfect straight line. Luckily she avoided jellyfish, unlike in training. The team had a great swim and managed to finish ahead of the other boats with the official siren marking the end.

What makes Alice’s amazing achievement even more special is that Alice’s swim also raised over £2,000 for Aspire; a charity supporting people with spinal injuries.

After Alice’s incredible feat her father sent a big thank you to Walthamstow Hall’s Head Swimming Coach, Richard Smith, for his support and superb coaching. Mr Smith said, “Open water swimming always has its challenges and I’m really pleased Alice managed to complete the swim whilst contending with the elements of the sea”.

Many congratulations to Alice, who becomes one of the youngest swimmers to have ever completed this very difficult crossing. Alice is too young to attempt a solo swim (she has to be 16) but we hear that she is already making plans!


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