We’re enjoying seeing pictures of our students and teachers’ first week of their month long trip to Borneo with Camps International.

The 20 students and their teachers are experiencing off-grid living and trekking through the heart of the Bornean jungle. They are living as part of a rural community where they are working alongside local people on community development projects, including helping protect orangutan habitats. Head Girl Elizabeth sent us this account of their first week:

“We started our adventures at Camp Tinangol in the north of Borneo where we took part in a series of community projects in the nearby villages including building drains and walls for a community centre. This was intermixed with games of volleyball with the local children and our leaders – they were one of the highlights in our time there, full of energy and always encouraging us to get involved. We repaid this in line with a board we painted of our team name, the Malay instrument the Sompoton, and mascot Rus, a dinosaur one of the girls brought along. It was a great introduction to our time in Borneo, and we certainly learnt a lot – about Sabah and ourselves – particular highlights including competitive games of Uno and sleeping in traditional long houses.”

You can follow their adventure on @campborneo on Twitter.

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