Year 10 have been immersed in climate crisis issues, considering how nations and big businesses are responding to the challenge.

There were three elements to the day. Katie Griffiths, who works as the European Sustainability Director at MARS, led an interactive session on sustainability ‘at scale’, investigating what really makes a difference to the size of a company’s carbon footprint and how huge companies are working to tackle the climate crisis. This blended Careers with Sustainability.

Staff at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve hosted a ‘Bioblitz’. Students identified as many species of flora and fauna as they could and discussed maintaining biodiversity.

Finally, the Manager of Strategic Renewables at the Home Office, Siobhan Browne provided a workshop on the political side of the issues.  Students had to represent countries bearing the brunt of climate change and negotiate compensation as well as agree on ways to reduce carbon emissions. A thought-provoking day.

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