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The Sports Awards dinner was a celebration of “Team Wally”. Addressing the guests on Monday evening, Director of Sport, Miss Leggett paid tribute to the Sports Department for their hard work in running sport practices from 7am to 6pm and in facilitating the 560 Senior School sports fixtures over the past academic year.

Miss Leggett said pupils were at the centre of the team, “their camaraderie and enthusiasm drives us to offer more and more”.

The evening’s special guest was Olympic Gold medallist Kate French MBE. Kate described her journey to winning the Modern Pentathlon at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She said she had been inspired by the quote from basketball player Michael Jordan “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games… I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

The awards, listed below, were given in the categories of Players’ Player, Coaches’ Player, special individual awards, Team of the Year and Colours.


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Sixth Form
Netball A Players’ Player Isla Isabel Anna India Irede Aime
Coaches’ Player Alexia Emma Sophie Isabelle Milly Syd
Netball B Players’ Player Valya Darcy Mia Martha Olivia
Coaches’ Player Sophia Freya Bella Sophie Emily



Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Seniors
Lacrosse Players’ Player Cici Annabelle Neve Emma Maddie Darcy
Coaches’ Player Sophie Annabel Sophie Poppy and Alice Lizzie Grace


Juniors Inters Seniors
Swimming Players’ Player Emily Maisie Imogen
Coaches’ Player Imogen Lilia Fern



Badminton Players’ Player Zoe Annabel
Coaches’ Player Shraddha Elena



Juniors (7&8) Inters (9&10)
Athletics Players’ Player Elsa Megan
Coaches’ Player Honey Araba


Juniors (7&8) Inters (9&10)
Tennis Players’ Player Anisha Bella
Coaches’ Player Elishka Ella


Juniors (7&8) Inters (9&10)
Cricket Players’ Player Holly Niamh
Coaches’ Player Olivia


Trampoline Players’ Player Jessica Coaches’ Player Beatrice


Gymnastics Players’ Player Eva Coaches’ Player Fran


Team of the Year U14 Netball Flora, Anna, Araba, Olivia, Sophie, Emma, Sophie, Lucy, Annabel


Sports Person of the Year  Araba Grace Willow


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Seniors
Progress in Sport Sophie Tilly Cate Iris Laura Lara


Special Individual Awards

Joseph Michael Woosley Sporting Endeavour Award: Annabel, Year 9

Barbara Taylor Award for Netball: Willow, Year 12

Harrison Edward Cup for Promise in Sport: Anisha, Year 7

Junior Sportsmanship Award: Lucy, Year 9

Swimming Improvement Cup: Daya, Year 7

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sport: Imogen, Year 8

Silvia McCrann Award for Lacrosse: Emily, Year 11


Colours – Red

Netball Lacrosse Swimming Badminton Tennis Athletics Cricket Gym X Country
Year 8: Danielle, Anais, Tilly, Elizabeth, Emma, Eva, Rachel, Isabel, Carys, Katy, Jessica, Sophia, Darcy, Imogen, Emily, Isla, Isobel, Charlotte, Annabelle, Emily, Freya, Honey, Erin, Anya Year 8: Danielle, Elishka, Anais, Tilly, Elizabeth, Anna, Isabel, Emily, Liv, Annabel, Amber, Darcy, Imogen, Emily, Isla, Felicity, Hattie, Annabelle, Emma Year 8: Imogen, Emily, Sophia, Isabel, Esme Year 9: Zoe, Neve, Lucy, Anna, Sophie, Claudia, Poppy, Katie Year 8: Elishka, Elizabeth, Emilie, Honey Year 8: Tilly, Isabel, Annabel, Amber, Honey Year 8: Annabelle, Isabel, Olivia, Erin, Annabel, Anna, Imogen, Jess, Amber, Charlotte, Sophia, Anya, Emily Year 8: Amber, Darcy

Year 9: Cate, Sophie

Year 8: Amber, Annabel, Isabel


Colours – Silver

Netball Lacrosse Swimming
Year 10: Abigail, Maisie, Emma, India, Ruth, Karina, Megan, Sophia, Ella, Alice, Lucy, Alice, Isabelle, Martha, Niamh, Emma, Iris, Jemima Year 10: Abigail, Megan, Sophia, Alice, Poppy, Isabelle, Alice, Martha, Niamh, Iris, Emma, Danielle, Lucy, Lilia, Freja, Jemima Year 10: Lilia, Maisie, Ruth, Freja, Danielle, Alice


Colours – Gold

Netball  Lacrosse Swimming Badminton Tennis Athletics Cricket
Year 13: Syd

Year 12: Willow, Annabel, Lara, Rosie, Annabel

Year 13: Syd

Year 12: Willow, Darcy, Sarah

Year 13: Eleanor Year 11: Elena, Irede Year 10: Ella, Megan, Iris Year 10: Iris, Megan, Emma, Niamh Year 10: Megan, Niamh, Martha, Iris, Emma, Alice, Emma, Alice
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