We were delighted to welcome our new Headmistress, Ms Louise Chamberlain to Walthamstow Hall this week. Ms Chamberlain spent her first day meeting pupils and staff across the Junior and Senior Schools and opening dialogue with everyone she met.

It is exam week at the Senior School and Ms Chamberlain told Years 7 and 8 gathered in the Ship that she was interested to know what they did well. Making some mistakes was inevitable, she said, but the important thing was how one responded to those mistakes.

Pupils were then invited to ask questions and there were many, including: “Why did you choose to work at Wally in particular?”, “Where have you taught before?”, “What do you teach?” and “Will you change the uniform?”.

Ms Chamberlain said she chose Wally because it is a happy school where staff recognise pupils’ individuality and there are lots of ways to explore how you can shine. She has taught in a variety of independent and state schools, day and boarding, mixed and single sex. Her degree is in Applied Microbiological Sciences from the University of Nottingham. The school that she has worked at for the longest was Worth School in Sussex, where she stayed for over 14 years, joining as Head of Biology and rising to become Deputy Head Pastoral. 

Ms Chamberlain has encouraged pupils and staff to get in touch by email, letter or face to face with any questions and suggestions.

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