Science Week ended with a flourish of greenery, some farm animals and ice cream on the Front Lawn! This year’s theme was Save Earth! and the Science Department had set a series of challenges each day for students to complete and earn House points.


As the week progressed, the points earned resulted in the rubbish being removed from the giant globe in the Hub and replaced with beautiful plants.

The week opened with a bang with the Wonderstruck Explosive Energy Show in the Ship. Peter took his audiences through the principles of gunpowder, combustion, rockets and more, each with its own startling experiment. Year 12 Scientists introduced Science Week to the School in Prayers, with Deputy Head Mr Hughes gamely demonstrating the energy-generating bicycle.

Tuesday was about energy; we created solar carousels using soldering tools, generated joules of energy for our House on the bike and measured the calorific content of food.

Wednesday was biodiversity day, we learned why this is so important, planted seeds, made bug hotels, measured our carbon footprint and made origami bugs. Thursday was about living healthily, so we boosted our endorphins in the Laughter Lab, drove up our dopamine in the Sunshine Lab and increased our oxytocin with music and movement, amongst other things. On Friday we made friends with some farm animals from Park Farm, Brasted and enjoyed some of their ice cream. It’s been a fantastic week, thank you so much to the Science Department.

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