WBD Gallery 2023

The Junior School World Book Day parade turned up some treats. After the teachers’ character parade, pupils went on stage in their forms and told the rest of the School what character they had dressed up as and from which book.

Winners of the book tokens for best costume went to Boudica (Isobel in Year 1) and Daisy the Doughnut Fairy (Beatrice, Year 1) in Key Stage 1 and to Dobby from Harry Potter (Phoebe, Year 5) and Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web (Renée, Year 5) in Key Stage 2.

There was special mention for the creativity and collaboration of The Very Hungry Caterpillar – both of them – and also to the crew from Louis Sachar’s Holes all wearing orange jumpsuits.

The prize for most revolting went to Mr and Mrs Twit!




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