We’ve had such fun and inspiration from our author visits today; Supertato creators Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet flew in to entertain Reception, Years 1 & 2 with some storytelling about the heroic spud, his band of veggie mates and their arch enemy, Evil Pea.  Afterwards, Paul led everyone in a guitar sing-a-long with lots of hand-clapping and audience involvement.

Reception and Year 1 teachers Mrs Hartley and Mrs Downs were arguably even more excited than the pupils to meet Sue and Paul.


Pupils in Years 3-6 were treated to a perfectly-pitched presentation from Jennifer Bell, who is the prolific author of the Agents of the Wild series, Legendarium and Wonderscape. She breezily confided that she never enjoyed reading until she picked up the novel Eragon by Christopher Paolini in her twenties, which “like a window”, opened up the magic of reading.

Jennifer encouraged pupils to imagine how digital games might change over the next 400 years – and then shared her own vision, which features in two of her books Legendarium and Wonderscape. Pupils then enjoyed creative writing workshops with Jennifer, who also cast her professional eye over the books Year 5 had made in after-school Book Club with Mrs Conway.

Jennifer really knew how to engage her audience and we are delighted to have welcomed her, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet to Wally Hall Junior School today.




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