We’ve had a fantastic few days of netball, with our U14A team progressing through two national competitions, two teams competing at the Regional Finals and lots of victories for our B and C teams against Colfe’s School.

U14 A team                                                     U16 A team

On Sunday 28th, our U14 and U16 A teams were competing at the Regional Netball Finals. After a brilliant day of high quality netball with wins, draws and losses along the way,  our U14s qualified for the National Finals!

This is the second national competition the U14As are in contention for; last week they reached the Quarter Finals of Sisters n Sport – making them one of the top eight teams in the country – after beating St Catherine’s School near Guildford 40-27 in the 4th round.

B and C Teams 

But it’s not just about the A teams; on Saturday seven teams played away at Colfe’s School in South East London. There was some excellent play and excellent results too:

U12B won 14-9
U12C won 21-2
U13B lost 4-10
U13C won 8-2
U14B won 16-5
U15B won 24-19
U16s won 43-2

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