The whole School community came together to spend a day learning about the importance of being kind to others.  We also learnt about wellbeing and the importance of taking care of our own physical and mental health.  

There were lots of fun activities mixed into the day as we learnt the five simple ways of improving our own health.

  1. Connect: spend time with family and friends
  2. Keep active: it keeps you physically healthy
  3. Keep learning: try something new
  4. Take notice: relax and look around you
  5. Give: doing something for a friend or relative can make both of you feel good 

Pupils wrote down their ideas of how to increase their wellbeing, with the results being added to the four House ‘Wally Wellbeing Ships’ on the landing display. Some of the suggestions are shown below: 

Connect – I’m going to phone my Granny tonight and talk to her. Be kind to my friends. 

Be active – I’m going to stay more active by going outside to practise my football instead of sitting with my phone. Jump on my trampoline. 

Keep learning – I’m going to learn a new type of stitch for my knitting. I’m going to learn to speak Swedish. I’m going to learn Mandarin. 

Take notice – Instead of looking on my phone, I’ll observe and appreciate the wildlife and what’s going on around me. I’ll take more notice on my walk to School. 

Give – Give a smile to someone who might be feeling a little sad. Give lots of hugs. 

At the end of a busy but enjoyable day, everyone was delighted to be given a ‘Be kind’ badge together with a certificate for taking part in a very successful Compassion Day. 


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