Time for a roundup of our students’ sporting achievements outside School.

We have a triple national champion in our midst; Shraddha in Year 8 competed at the U13 English National Badminton Championships in Milton Keynes earlier this month, and won gold in the Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. In a breathtakingly dominant performance, Shraddha won all 14 of her matches, dropping just two games in the entire tournament.

Show jumping, Jess in Year 11 has been representing her country at show jumping competitions with her pony Sparkling Boomerangs Clover in Belgium and Holland. She had lots of top ten placings in all classes.

Swimming: Fern in Year 11 has qualified for the Winter Nationals.

Bella in Year 9 qualified for a Tennis Europe Junior international event in Liverpool. Once there, she didn’t make the main draw but had a good learning experience and managed to squeeze in a visit to the Anfield Football Stadium!  

Lacrosse: several Wally students have been selected for the Super Counties Lacrosse Squads. In the U18 category, congratulations to: Honor, Ava, Grace, Harriet, Elena and Irede. In the U15s, congratulations to Iris, Emma and Niamh.

Netball: Sophie in Year 9 has been selected for the U17 Pulse, playing several years ahead of her age. India in Year 10 has been selected for Kent netball, joining some Wally peers. 

In Cricket, Erin in Year 8 has been selected for Sussex Cricket.

Congratulations to everyone for your hard work and your well-earned sporting success.

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