Walthamstow Hall is this morning celebrating the School’s highest ever number of GCSE top 9 & 8 results. 

An amazing 47% of Walthamstow Hall GCSEs were a 9 with 70% at 8 – 9.
85% of all exams achieved a 7, 8 or 9 (equivalent to an A or A*).

55% of pupils gained all 7-9, 31% gained all level 8/9 and 10% achieved a clean sweep of 9s. 

Headmistress, Miss Stephanie Ferro said, “These exceptionally high levels of attainment are the result of partnership in action, in trying circumstances. They are testament to the collective ingenuity, agility and sheer hard work of pupils and teachers and the support of our parent body. This was never more evident than during the online and lockdown schooling which these pupils experienced in Years 9 and 10. Alongside their results on paper these pupils have learnt the all-important ‘can do’ life skills of tenacity, problem solving, empathy and determination. They can be very proud of themselves.”  

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