Our latest results from the Extended Project Qualifications are very pleasing – 73% of students received A*-A grades.

Taking an EPQ gives Year 12 students the freedom to choose a subject they are interested in and to produce a substantial body of work on it. This can be in the form of a report, artefact, performance or design.

Eleven students took it last year on a wide range of subjects. These included designing a medical centre to aid the recovery of patients using the principles of Biophilic design, creating a kimono, a podcast on the effects of the Syrian conflict on the country’s healthcare system, redeveloping an abandoned plot into a useable public space, and a written project on the character of Jo March in the novel and film of Little Women.

EPQ Coordinator and History teacher Mrs Thomas praised the ambitious choice of subjects this year and said “I and the other supervisors are extremely proud of what our students have achieved”.

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