Sustainability is the ethos of our new Gardening Club. Using tools donated by parents and friends, we are planting artichokes, aster, salvia, lavender, rosemary, sage and cyclamen, for starters.

The plan is to create a beautiful, scented area outside EBH which as well as providing herbs for Food Tech lessons, will attract pollinators and insects for local bird populations to feed on. A murmuration of starlings was creating a din in the trees above us during this week’s club.

Gardening Club is led by Head of 3D Design and Food Preparation and Nutrition, Mrs Evans who is also a trained, experienced garden designer. Mrs Evans is grateful to a local builder on Bayham Road who made and donated a base for the tool shed using waste wood. Autumn leaves are being raked into a pile to create leaf mould for composting.

Once the EBH Arts Centre garden is bedded down, Mrs Evans’ garden plans extend to the rest of the Senior School site.


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